It’s our favorite time of the year…tis’ the season for looking refreshed and ready for all the joy this holiday season will bring! You’ll undoubtedly want to look your best for all the events to come. However, a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance requires a bit of planning ahead, which is why you should schedule your cosmetic treatments now.

Here are our top two minimally invasive procedures we perform during the holidays:

Botox®and Jeuveau®

Commonly used to smooth out lines and wrinkles of the upper face – including the “furrow lines” between the eyebrows, the “crow’s feet” around the eyes, and the horizontal lines of the forehead…this the perfect treatment for getting you holiday photo-ready! These purified versions of the botulinum toxin create a temporary paralysis in the muscles around the forehead and eyes, softening existing wrinkles and helping prevent new ones from forming. This is a quick, relatively painless procedure with results lasting 3-4 months. There’s little to no evidence of having anything done immediately after the treatment too! Some experience mild bruising. The time to act is now, however, as the benefits of Botox® and Jeuveau® can take up to two weeks to fully show!


Fillers may as well be considered a miracle worker. Not only can they help add volume to your cheeks and get rid of fine lines and wrinkles around the bottom portion of your face, but they are also great for adding volume to your lips while simultaneously getting rid of fine lines around the lips. As we age, natural collagen production decreases, making skin less elastic. Sun damage and other factors can reduce the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin, which causes it to lose structure and volume, creating unwanted facial wrinkles and folds. Dermal fillers are a type of injectable used that mimics our own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid through a needle into the skin to add volume and freshness to the face. Anyone who is looking for a quick fix for fine lines, wrinkles and volume loss is a good candidate for popular Juvederm® fillers like Voluma® or Vollure® which provide a long-lasting solution for visibly aging skin, lasting the upwards of a year on average. Ask us about Bellafill®, a filler that lasts up to 5 years! 

The result is a natural, rested, more youthful appearance with minimal discomfort or swelling. We recommend receiving fillers at least one week in advance of any event for optimal results. You may experience swelling.

Even though the holidays are some of the most stressful times of the year, they are also the most joyous. Let us help you cross some things off of your to-do list this season and schedule an appointment for these non-invasive treatments. We’re serious when we say get started NOW to look your best for the holidays – they’ll be here before we know it! (916) 624-4959

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