The truth is men care about what they look like as much as women do. They just don’t talk about it like women do. To say that men don’t want to be attractive is a lie. Have you ever met a man who wakes up in the morning saying, “I can’t wait to put on my worst outfit and I might as well not even comb my hair today…”

Everyone has an innate desire to be their best version of themselves and that includes taking care of themselves. When we take care of ourselves on the outside it makes us feel good on the inside.

The REAL truth is men have not gotten the attention they deserve. Why is it that only women need a Spa Day or only women get pedicures or color their hair?

Why can’t men do the same?

The bottom line is men need to take care of themselves just like women do and not just when they are single. It takes a lot of hard work to keep a good marriage and part of that is taking care of yourself. Take care of your skin, get a hair cut when you need it and by golly go to the gym and don’t eat a bunch of junk food. Your wife wants you to be around for a long time. No one wants to be alone.

We encourage our male patients to purchase good skincare. If your skin is damaged by the sun, get a laser treatment. Technology has made it where there is a lot you can do at a fraction of the cost with little or no down time. In general men are outside more than women so they need to wear sunscreen. Skin cancer is so preventable nowadays.

Our hope is that all women will encourage their “better half” to take care of their best asset and largest organ in their body, their SKIN.

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