Shop Your Artist

With the increasing popularity of tattoos it is important to know what you are getting yourself into. You should approach it like you would shop for a car or house. If price is your concern wait and save the money until you can afford a really reputable artist.  Get good referrals and make sure their style of art is what you like. Ask to see pictures of their work. Stop by their shop for an unannounced visit. Does it look clean? Do they have the proper business license displayed? Remember this is permanent and removing it can be very costly and very painful.

Choosing a Color

All tattoos fade with time. Light colors such as yellows and pinks tend to soften much quicker than black. However, a recent study found 100% of black ink tested contained dibutyl phthalate, a chemical linked to breast cancer and obesity. Although the risk is quite small it still may be smart to outline with black and use the lighter colors for the main attraction. It is also recommended to apply sunscreen over a tattoo when outdoors. This will help with fading and prevent the sun’s harmful rays that can cause sunburn and skin cancer.

Be Choosy on the Area

Just like in real estate location, location, location is very important. It is not recommended to ink on or around moles as it can disguise them for checking for possible future melanomas. Also, if you plan on having children, designs on the lower back could be a risk if an epidural is desired during childbirth.  The metal from the ink can travel into the spinal cord when an injection is made in that area which can potentially damage the nervous system.

What if I read this After I got the Tattoo?

If you didn’t “think” before you “inked,” it’s not too late. We can help as the technology for tattoo removal has come a long way. With the latest PicoWay® laser we can remove almost any tattoo and any color both safely and effectively. The PicoWay® utilizes unique picosecond laser technology to deliver fast, comfortable treatments in fewer treatments than traditional lasers.  These pulses shatter the tattoo ink into minuscule particles, making it easier for the body to carry away and clear the tattoo. This allows tattoo removal to be completed with minimal discomfort, fewer treatments, fast results with better clearance and minimized risk. Call us at (916) 624-4959 if you are ready to start over and remove your tattoos.

Think Before you Ink

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