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How Difficult Experiences Can Have a Profound Effect on Our Mental and Physical Health

I have yet to meet a person who enjoys the experience of heartbreak, let alone facing challenges such as a bad medical diagnosis, job loss, divorce, or even tough parenting through the teenage years. Going through such hard life events is a rough and uncomfortable growing experience. Once we get through it, most will say it actually makes us stronger both physically and mentally and gives us an opportunity to help others who may be going through a similar experience.

These TOUGH times can injure our heart and our bodies but it also helps us learn how to deal with our problems, learn from our mistakes, become spiritually strong with God and become personally stronger. Science shows that taking on challenges stimulates cell growth in the brain which helps us cope and build resilience.  

Scientists have even found that fruit and vegetable production wounded by insects can actually make the plant stronger and healthier! Stress responses created in the fruits and vegetables initiate an increase in antioxidant compounds prior to harvest, making them healthier for human consumption! Read more about this fascinating study here:

Introducing the Profound® Microneedle Treatment

Speaking of injuries, we are excited to share that we have a new treatment that uses a controlled INJURY to stimulate cell growth…We are now offering the Profound®, a device using radio frequencies that help to tighten your skin, making the procedure incredibly effective for wrinkles and sagging parts of the face, including the jaw, upper lip and more.

The Profound® device stimulates the skin using microneedles to deliver fractionated thermal injuries in the deep reticular dermis where the concentration of collagen is highest. Thermal injury to the treated areas stimulates wound healing, dermal remodeling and new elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid formation, resulting in visible skin improvement.

If you’re looking for a Profound® change in the health of your skin, you may be a great candidate for the minimally invasive Profound® procedure available here at La Bella Vita Medi Spa.

In short, hard times are the key to a happy and healthy life. Sometimes we all need a friendly reminder of how strong we really are! 

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