Planning a wedding can be stressful…deciding the date and venue, picking out the perfect dress, flowers, cake, guest lists, and so on…One thing that doesn’t have to be stressful is your pre-wedding skincare regime. At La Bella Vita Medispa, we have many minimally invasive skin treatments to help you look and feel your best on your wedding day and beyond! Our services are not only for the bride…think mother-of-the-bride, father, groom and bridesmaids!

Before we jump into our giant bridal beauty checklist, let’s talk about our BIGGEST piece of advice…When it comes to getting ready for your big day, the earlier you start your beauty prep the better! This will guarantee you achieve the results you desire. Everyone’s skincare concerns are unique, so there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. We highly recommend getting a consultation with Dr. Turnure at least six months out (preferably 8 months to a year out) from your wedding day to develop a customized skincare treatment program.

8 months to 1 year out

Skincare – Schedule a consultation with one of our estheticians to have your skin analyzed, discuss areas of concern, and create a game plan leading up to your big day! Our very own La Bella Vita Skincare Line is medical grade like the big brand names, without the big price tags!

Laser Hair Removal – Being stubble-free means one less thing to worry about on your wedding day and your honeymoon. Multiples treatments are necessary to achieve full removal. Laser hair removal sessions are spaced out every 4 weeks for the face, every 6 weeks for body parts, and every 8 weeks for the back.

Neograft® Hair Transplant – Suffer from thinning hair or balding? Neograft harvests individual hair follicles from areas where hair grows well (like the back of the head). We then transplant those same hair follicles to areas where hair is thinning. The procedure is done in the office while awake with light sedation. The end result is a very natural look and a head of healthy hair! We have seen results in 4-6 months. For optimum results, plan on one year to achieve full growth.

Tattoo Removal – Got tattoo regrets? Ask us about our Pico® Laser treatment and keep all eyes on you, not your unwanted tattoo! We highly recommend starting your tattoo removal process a year out from your wedding day because multiple treatments are necessary.

Laser Skin Treatments – We offer several different lasers for skin resurfacing and will recommend the laser appropriate for your needs. Minimize the signs of aging while erasing the effects of sun damage and pigmentation while targeting fine lines and wrinkles to reveal beautiful, youthful skin. Laser treatments are also great for removing sunspots on décolleté and hands!
Profound Lift®:   A micro-needling device that treats saggy jewels, skin laxity, collagen loss and unwanted cellulite.
Pico Way Resolve®:  Not only does this laser remove tattoos, but it works great for skin tightening and reducing hyperpigmentation.
CO2 Treatments: Incredible for resurfacing the skin, improving acne scars, deep wrinkles, and improving skin tone and texture.

Coolsculpting® – Struggling to reach your wedding body goals? Coolsculpting can help you lose that extra stubborn fat! Ask us about the #1 non-invasive treatment that freezes stubborn fat.

6 months out

Dermal Fillers – For subtle lip enhancement, smile lines or anywhere else you’d like to add volume on your face! Ask us about our newest 5-year filler called Bellafill®,  the first and only injectable filler that’s FDA approved to also treat acne scars.

Cosmetic InjectablesNeurotoxins (Botox® and Jeuveau®) – For crow’s feet, forehead lines, and vertical lines between the brows. Did you know that Botox is also an effective treatment for excess underarm sweating? If you’re concerned about staining your wedding dress or suit on your big day, you don’t need to be! Plan on scheduling an additional cosmetic injectable appointment 1-3 months prior to your big day since it wears off in about three months.

Latisse® – Grow thicker, longer and darker eyelashes with Latisse, an FDA-approved medical grade solution.

Eyebrow Shaping – Groom your eyebrows into the most flattering shape for your face. Schedule a consultation with one of our estheticians!

3 months out

Continue Latisse
Continue eyebrow shaping appointments
Continue cosmetic injectables

1 month out

A month to a few weeks before your big day is NOT the time to do anything aggressive. If need be, get a quick touch up of Botox (or Newtox) a month before your wedding day. This allows plenty of time for potential bruising around the injection site to dissipate. Plus, Botox needs about three weeks to reach its full effectiveness.

As your wedding day approaches, make sure to hydrate as much as possible. Water flushes out toxins in the body and will help you glow from the outside in. From Botox and fillers to laser treatments and more, we are here for you and your skin on your big day! Your skin will be glowing and you will be THE most beautiful bride!

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