Camie Turnure

Spa Director

Camie met Dr. Turnure her freshman year at Vanguard University in Southern California. They graduated together in 1988 where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in English. After graduation she started her own insurance business. While this career supported the family during medical school it also gave her the experience needed to help him open his medical practice in 2000. She became passionate about medicine when she was diagnosed with Lupus in 1997 after the loss of her son in pregnancy. Her experience of pain has given her compassion and opportunity to help others going through similar situations.

She and Dr. Turnure work well as a team. He does the medical part and her great attention to detail keeps the Spa running smoothly as well as keeping it beautifully decorated. They both love people and helping them is what they do best. Camie is an avid snow skier, loves to garden and enjoys boating and hiking with their growing family. She and Dr. Turnure have two daughters and are grandparents to boys. She also has been involved with mentoring moms because she knows that every mom needs guidance and support.

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