La Bella Vita physical Sunscreen is an anti-aging elixer for your skin.

Now that the warm weather’s finally upon us, it’s important to remember that while we may love the outdoors, going to the beach and how we look with a tan, there are serious consequences when we get too much sun exposure.

How Sun Exposure Speeds up Skin Aging

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun cause more than ninety percent of the visible signs of aging, which include wrinkles, rough patches, sagging and skin discoloration. We cannot stress enough that the most important product in ANY skincare regimen should be a broad spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 25 or greater. It is the #1 anti-wrinkle, anti-dark spot, anti-sagging product you can use!

How to Apply Sunscreen Properly

When applying sunscreen, be sure to apply thickly and thoroughly. As a rule of thumb, use an ounce (a handful) to cover your entire body. Use on all parts of your skin exposed to the sun, including the ears, back, shoulders, and the back of the knees and legs.

Apply sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before being in the sun and remember to reapply after swimming or strenuous exercise. Reapply sunscreen often throughout the day if you are outdoors (at least every two hours). Also, be aware of the expiration date because some sunscreen ingredients might degrade over time. 

Recommended Sunscreens For Anti-Aging and Skin Protection

Here are our favorite SPF’s:

La Bella Vita Medi Spa sunscreen and Color Science sunscreen are recommended.

SkinMedica Sun Protection

SkinMedica’s Total Defense and Repair Line is available in SPF 34 and 50. These formulas are non-greasy and water resistant.

SkinMedica’s Essential Defense and Mineral Shield comes in SPF 32, 35 and 47. This formula protects against damaging UVA and UVB rays without clogging your pores.

Both formulas are available directly from our online store.

Colorscience Sunscreens

Ask us about our Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50®. Powered by EnviroScreen™ Technology. This all-powerful, all mineral skin shield provides complete protection in one convenient, on-the-go application – alone or over makeup. A must-have to carry in your purse, car, or even your golf bag! Apply every two hours when outside.

Great for men too! Colorscience performs extensive testing on their products, and they all have passed a 3-year real-time stability test, which allows them to remove any expiration date.

Another one of our favorites is Colorscience’s Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35®. It visibly improves the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles while protecting the delicate eye area against photo-aging with 100% SPF 35 mineral sunscreen. The duo work to both ward-off the collagen-destroying effects of UVA rays, and plump up the fine lines and wrinkles that have already formed. Another bonus – It immediately brightens the eye area for a refreshed and rested appearance!

La Bella Vita Medispa Sunscreen

Ask us about our La Bella Vita Medispa Sunscreen (SPF 50). It is water resistant, weightless and safe to reapply over makeup without that oily feeling. Plus, its a Physical Sunscreen, which means that it does not allow the sun’s rays to creep into your skin, like a Chemical Sunscreen does. Same medical grade quality as the big names without the big name price. 

SPF is your BFF! What type of sunscreen are YOU wearing?

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